It’s been nearly two years since I’ve written anything on here, so to get back in the practice, I’m starting a new thing this week where I share a run down of my favorite things that I’ve consumed in the last week: things I’ve read, listened to, watched, etc.



I got caught up on some old episodes of Chris Hayes’ Why Is This Happening, which I really love. Thoughtful, nuanced conversations with smart people; separate from the news cycle but adjacent to it. This episode with Michael Tessler on white identity politics breaks down the data showing how Obama galvanized white racial identity and further polarized the parties along racial lines. Doesn’t sound too crazy when you say it, but the actual data is fascinating. I also dug this episode with Ta-Nehisi Coates.

And then I just listened to five of the six episodes of Rachel Maddow’s Bag Man about Spiro Agnew. What a fucking crook! I had no idea! Fascinating look at an under-told story with tons of parallels to today.

Music-wise, I’m really enjoying Earl Sweatshirt’s new album, Some Rap Songs. I love the glitchy beats and hazy production. Check it out on your neighborhood streaming platform.

Watching and playing

I’m not watching a whole lot these days, but we watched the original Creed last Sunday. This was my second time seeing it, first since it came out. Creed II seems to be getting some mixed reviews but goddamn I love Creed. A sports movie with emotionally rich and mature characters, a nice tight plot, and good racial politics? Hell yeah.

Other than Creed, what little sit-in-front-of-a-TV time I had this week was spent continuing to dig into Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s not a perfect game but damn it’s fun riding horseys around pretty places.

Life odds and ends

As far as everything else, some highlights from the week. I had some late nights getting ready for a big presentation for work that happened on Thursday. I went to the dentist. Had a fun co-working and happy hour session with my coworkers in Portland. And had the first holiday party / second baby shower of the year for some good friends on Saturday night.