With the end of the holidays and start of the new year, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to keep up with stuff this week as I usually do. But here’s a few things worth sharing.


Kickstarted by one of my goals for the year, I started reading two books. First, on a strong recommendation, I’m reading Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. It’s good! Still early so not much more to say.

I’m trying to always have a novel and a non-fiction book going at the same time this year, so I also started reading Masha Gessen’s The Future is History about the transition from the collapse of the Soviet Union to modern day Russia. I picked it up because I realized I know so little about that subject, and it’s just as chilling and fascinating as I hoped. It’s written like a novel, following the lives of several different people from across Russian society.

In non-book reading, I loved this interview with Ron Funches in Vulture about how good Kenan Thompson is on SNL. I used to be a big Kenan skeptic, but I’ve really come around to recognizing his talents and contributions to the show. He’s rarely the funniest person on the show, but like the article says, he’s just so damn consistent.

Max Read on how much of the internet is fake was a pretty startling run down of the massive house of major internet industries are.

And this investigation into glitter is as weird and wonderful as everyone says.

Watching and listening

Via the Kenan article, I stumbled upon the podcast Good One, which features deep dive interviews with comedians on a single joke or character. So far I’ve listened to Vanessa Bayer on her bar mitzvah boy character, and David Cross on his squagles joke. I could listen to these sorts of dissections of the formal composition of comedy for hours, and I intend to.

TV-wise, my girlfriend and I are watching The Wire from the top since she’s never seen it. It’s been several years for me, and I can never remember details for shows, so it’s a real treat all over again.

Other stuff

This was my first week with a sous-vide machine, so it’s been fun taking that for a spin. So far I’ve just used it for some chicken breasts for salads for the week, and pork chops one night. Between the convenience and how good the food comes out, I definitely get why people swear by these things.